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But these well-intentioned laws can, in some cases, become so intrusive that businesses decide to place limits on their hiring. For example, a law that imposes large costs on a business that tries to fire or lay off workers will mean that businesses try to avoid hiring in the first place, as is the case in France. Low-income and middle-income countries face employment issues that go beyond unemployment as it is understood in the high-income economies.

A substantial number of workers in these economies provide many of their own needs by farming, fishing, or hunting. They barter and trade with others and may take a succession of short-term or one-day jobs, sometimes being paid with food or shelter, sometimes with money. The starting point of economic activity, as discussed in Welcome to Economics!

Workers who are not connected to a labor market are often unable to specialize very much. Helping these workers to become more connected to the labor market and the economy is an important policy goal. Indeed, recent research by development economists suggests that one of the key factors in raising people in low-income countries out of the worst kind of poverty is whether they can make a connection to a somewhat regular wage-paying job.

Neoliberalism: Oversold? -- Finance & Development, June

Cyclical unemployment can be addressed by expansionary fiscal and monetary policy. The natural rate of unemployment can be harder to deal with, because it involves thinking carefully about the tradeoffs involved in laws that affect employment and hiring.


Unemployment is understood differently in high-income countries compared to low- and middle-income countries. While some may have regular wage-paying jobs, others are part of a barter economy. Prepare a chart that compares India, Spain, and South Africa based on the data. Describe the key differences between the countries. Rank these countries as high-, medium-, and low-income countries. Explain what is surprising or expected about this data.

Beyond Unemployment

How were these countries impacted by the Great Recession? Viscusi, Gregory, and Mark Deen. Last modified May 3, Skip to content Increase Font Size. Chapter Macroeconomic Policy Around the World. Learning Objectives By the end of this section, you will be able to: Explain the nature and causes of unemployment Analyze the natural rate of unemployment and the factors that affect it Identify how undeveloped labor markets can result in the same hardships as unemployment.

Bibliographic Information

Self-Check Questions What are the different policy tools for dealing with cyclical unemployment? Last Name. Phone number. Please provide more details about your request.

Damning evidence of wealth disparity highlights inequality across generations | Greg Jericho

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Education gap: The root of inequality

Reset Password Cancel. Get our weekly newsletters. By proceeding, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. May 28, Michael Spence In modern economies, people may have jobs, but they still harbor major concerns in a wide range of areas, including security, health and work-life balance, income and distribution, training, mobility, and opportunity.

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