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In June , year-old Erin Corwin was living a quiet life in Twentynine Palms, California, expecting her first child with her husband, US Marine Corporal Jon Corwin - until the day she drove off into the desert and never returned. As temperatures climbed into the hundreds, friends and family teamed up with local law enforcement in a grueling search of Joshua Tree National Park. Nearly two months after her disappearance, Corwin's body was found at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft, a homemade garrote wrapped around her throat.

Both had been murdered with kitchen knives plunged into their throats. Who would do something so vile, and why? Lacking answers, Mois and other detectives working the case were stumped.

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Five years later, a strikingly similar crime occurred in which two more victims were brutally murdered with knives expertly thrust into their jugular veins. In , Alice, a desperate young mother in a gritty Wyoming boomtown, kills her husband and dumps his body where it will never be found, then slips away and starts a new life. But when her new man's ex-wife and two kids start demanding more of him, Alice delivers an ultimatum: fix the problem or lose her forever. With Alice's help, Gerald fixes the problem in an extraordinarily ghastly way Alone with her new husband on a tiny Pacific atoll, a young woman, combing the beach, finds an odd aluminum container washed up out of the lagoon, and beside it on the sand something glitters: a gold tooth in a scorched human skull.

The investigation that follows uncovers an extraordinarily complex and puzzling true-crime story. Only Vincent Bugliosi, who recounted his successful prosecution of mass murderer Charles Manson in the best seller Helter Skelter , was able to draw together the hundreds of conflicting details of the mystery and reconstruct what really happened As shock spread, then grief, a massive police effort found nothing. The investigation was shelved, and the mystery endured. Then, in , a cold case squad detective found something he and a generation of detectives had missed.

It pointed them toward a man named Lloyd Welch, then serving time for child molestation in Delaware. June Briand shot four bullets into her husband's head and was sentenced to 15 years to life. This is the shocking, true story of survival - and the intense bond June shared with her pathologically violent husband, a monster who physically and sexually tortured, degraded, and dominated her so relentlessly she refused to believe he was dead even after she killed him.

Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore had a lot in common: They sang together in the Methodist church choir, their daughters were best friends, and their husbands had good jobs working for technology companies in the North Dallas suburbs known as Silicon Prairie. But beneath the placid surface of their seemingly perfect lives, both women simmered with unspoken frustrations and unanswered desires.

On a hot summer day in , the secret passions and jealousies that linked Candy and Betty exploded into murderous rage. A wealthy and well-connected legal ace and the proud owner of a champion show horse, Larry McNabney had every reason to love his life. But when he disappeared in September , his wife, Elisa, claimed he joined a cult.

When Larry's body was found in a shallow grave three months later, Elisa was already gone.

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In a red convertible Jaguar, her brown hair dyed blond, Mrs. McNabney was speeding toward a new life in Florida - and a brand new identity. Who was Elisa McNabney? Beautiful, seductive, and ruthless, she had thirty-eight aliases and a rap sheet a mile long. Then her second. Then her third. Nobody, including her husband, suspected Waneta Hoyt - or stopped her from having more babies. Then her fourth baby died. Then her fifth. And the famed medical expert declared they had died of sudden infant death syndrome and use them to support his theory that SIDS ran in families.

One man, however, did not except the diagnosis. District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick set out to expose the truth about a crime hard to imagine. What disappointed you about To Hatred Turned? I read the criticisms by prior reviewers about the legal detail but discounted them because in part, I am attracted to that type information. However, those criticisms are accurate. The endless maize is dotted with mispronunciation, misunderstanding, and inaccuracies.

I couldn't wait for the end of the book and the narrator to shut the ef up. How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable? Get a different author. Terminate however you want to take that notion! Burn the book. The author, and I'm being generous using that word, does not have a handle on his subject matter.

"Rage, Love, Hatred" Figure in Lawsuit by Lady Gaga's Ex | Psychology Today Hong Kong

A riveting example of his legal ignorance about even the most basic trial concept is illustrated by his idea of an Order In Limine which his wingman mispronounced. Contrary to the author's description, the In Limine Order merely requires counsel to get the Judge's permission during trial, outside the Jury's presence before disclosing specific information the Judge previously determined might or might not qualify as evidence.

It's an easy, simple, ordinary step in any trial. Unlike the author's interpretation, the Order acts like is a gate which the Judge may swing open at any point during trial and permit the jury to learn about the previously safeguarded information.

From Hatred to Love: How God Transformed a Brutal Australian Gang Leader

It is not an Order prohibiting information into evidence. Equally as bad as the author's futile grasp on the legal arena is his total inability to define the goal of his script before, during, or at the end of his writing. Throughout the reading I thought, "So, what IS your point? If my conclusion is correct, then the author should consider a different profession.

Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Stephen Hoye? I would rather listen to 14 hours of fingernails screeching against a chalkboard.

To Hatred Turned

He made me want to bang my head on the wall, pull my hair out by the roots, fall to my knees and beg, "Please, please stop! So, to answer the question, this guy set the standard so low that casting a baby bawling non-stop would be a monumental improvement. In it's current form, it does not have redeeming qualities.

The actual facts of the true event are fascinating. So, the potential for an outstanding book is excellent. Here though, the author's core level blindness about the necessary legal procedures that are imposed by the convoluted factual situation is not only misleading, it robs the reader of the value of them in the American Justice system.

Big opportunity lost. That's a shame. Any additional comments?

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This book is a lousy reading experience. Either search for a better book or donate the money you would spend on this book to your favorite charity. By: Ken Englade. Narrated by: Stephen Hoye. Length: 11 hrs and 11 mins. Categories: Non-fiction , True Crime. People who bought this also bought Pathological: The Murderous Rage of Dr. Dear, Carlton Stowers Narrated by: J. Scott Bennett Length: 8 hrs and 42 mins Unabridged Overall.

Publisher's Summary The author of Murder in Boston recounts the true story of the murder of Rozanne Gailiunas, a crime unsolved for eight years, until a glamorous fugitive is caught after one of the most publicized investigations ever in Texas. What members say. This guy is going to shit his pants when he gets back from his business trip. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted in random and tagged cheating husband.

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